Custom Finished Basements in Atlanta and Savannah Provide Your Dream Getaway

Custom Finished Basements in Atlanta and Savannah Provide Your Dream Getaway

American Craftsman Renovations is the premier general contracting firm in Atlanta and Savannah that provides the best custom finished basements in the Southeast. Our mission is to provide the best possible finished work possible in a reasonable time. We are a residential general contracting outfit that strives to build strong client relationships so when you want something else renovated or remodeled, you will call us first. We are one of the most trusted and respected general contracting outfits in Atlanta and Savannah and we will not let you down.

Shower Stall in Atlanta and Savannah
Shower Stall in Sandy Springs


American Craftsman Renovations specializes in custom renovations in every part of the home from kitchens to bathrooms to additions and especially finished basements. Tell us what you want and we are sure that we can provide. There is rarely anything we have not already done in the years that we have been active and we employ already are among the most professional and skilled craftsmen in Georgia. American Craftsman Renovations can increase the size of your basement, add carpeting, install a bathroom, rec room, hardwood floors or anything you want.

Basement Renovation in Atlanta and Savannah
New Basement in Sandy Springs


American Craftsman Renovations focuses on respecting your home and your family. You have chosen us to increase the value of your investment, which is your home. In return we show exactly how we are skilled craftsmen that take pride in our work and appreciate the opportunity given us to provide for our own families. We make use of new technological advances in new materials as well as the tried and true practices and materials that have been working for hundreds of years.

Newly Renovated Basement in Atlanta and Savannah
Newly Renovated Basement in Sandy Springs


All of this combined gives our clients the best value in the market and quality that is second to none. Call us to have a good, long relationship with your general contractor, at 404-229-3364 in Atlanta or 912-481-8353 in Savannah

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